New Hwam 5530

hwam 5530 stoves and stuff

We are excited to announce that HWAM have introduced a new stove into their range. The new modular HWAM 5530 is true modern design with a Danish twist. Responsible for this stunning new HWAM concept are designers Henrik Sørig Thomsen and Tobias Jacobsen. 

Two, three or four? Whatever the number of modules you go for with the HWAM 5530… the results are always the same. You can be assured that you are left with not only a stylish modern wood burning stove, but also with a stunning piece of furniture. A true piece of art that is a talking point of any room.

The design has been made streamlined and stringent. The thin angles tell the story of Danish design and attention to detail. The functionality is unmistakable. With advanced design and technology you are able to store your wood in the modules and even have a stylish cushion on the top of the side module allowing you to sit and enjoy the crackling fire close up, while keeping cosy and warm. With many options including High and Low modules, with or without drawers and choosing between Premium Oak or Walnut you can play around with the look of your stove making sure its exactly what you have always dreamt of.

HWAM Modular 5530


  • HWAM Autopilot
  • HWAM SmartControl
  • Modules- High and Low
  • With or without Drawers
  • Premium Oak or Walnut
  • Right or Left Door Hinge
  • Door in Glass or Cast.